In the last decade, great attention has been focused on practical utilization of theoretical results obtained in the fields of continuous media involving studies of laws of matter motion over complex definition areas. In technical branches it concerns electrotechnics, structural mechanics, acoustics, hydraulics, thermal and nuclear power engineering, automation and measurement, environmental engineering, biotechnology, etc.

In development of modern technologies, special interest is paid to matter motion control over complex definition areas as distributed parameter systems.

In this monograph, new approach to modeling, control and design of distributed parameter systems on the basis of lumped-input/distributed-output systems is presented to wide engineering community.

This approach represents a new idea in system as well as control theory. The basic motivation for introducing this new approach has been that distributed systems operating in engineering practice can take structures of lumped-input/distributed-output systems. It offers a frame for a new synthesis of results obtained in various branches, e.g. approximation theory, partial differential equations theory, lumped parameter systems control, etc.

This new philosophy of distributed system theory is offered in a tutorial form using basic methods and results supported by broad demonstrations implemented in MATLAB software package using 3-D graphics and animation.

Prof. Gabriel Hulkó
Head of Department of Automation
and Measurement